Are you wondering if the maintenance of a hybrid car costs more than a conventional car? No, it does not. As compared to a regular fueled-gasoline car, the normal routine maintenance and repairing of a hybrid car are not that higher. However, it can cost even less.

Apart from routine maintenance and repairing, if your hybrid car gets damaged majorly, you might have to bear a considerable cost. Let’s say if the hybrid system of your car misbehaves, and the warranty has expired as well, then there is nothing you could do instead of shelling out big bucks on it.

Hybrid cars are more expensive, initially, as compared to conventional cars of the same size. This is because hybrid cars give more mileage than conventional ones saving people’s money. But the gas mileage depends upon some factors like how much you drive the car? For how long do you keep it? And the most important one is the price of gas.

As far as maintenance is concerned, a hybrid car requires the same maintenance as any other car. When hybrids were new, drivers went to the dealerships for maintenance, which was expensive because many mechanics and repairers were not familiar with the hybrid car systems. But nowadays, you will find more trained mechanics for your hybrid car.

The routine maintenance cost of a hybrid car can be less than a regular one. The gas engine shuts down when you drive slower or when the car is inactive, which means less depreciation on the engine. Mechanics recommend oil changes at 3000 miles for similar cars, and on smaller hybrids, oil changes are the ultimate requirement when driven at 5000 miles.

The hybrids’ lower heat and the regenerative braking system involved means that brakes and the brake pads last longer.

There is no need for special regular maintenance on the hybrid system to most hybrid cars, but the Ford Escape hybrid is an exception. The air filter on its electric battery system should be renewed every 40,000-50,000 miles.

Of course, it is always possible that the special hybrid system would fail, and the top of the list is the large battery pack. Hybrid cars that are sold these days have warranties on their hybrid system that lasts for 8 or 10 years, which means they can run 100,000 miles or 150,000 miles, respectively.

If you are unfortunate and the hybrid battery of your car expires just after passing the milestones mentioned above, the costs can be astonishing.

When the hybrid cars were new, the cost of a battery was $8000, and it was difficult to find a mechanic nearby for the replacement. The good news is that manufacturers have lessened the price of a substitution hybrid battery. You can now find a replacement battery by paying just over $2000 and can find a trained mechanic nearby as well.