This beautiful state has long been known for horses, coal, moonshine, tobacco, bourbon, baseball and bluegrass song and dance. Nowhere else in the United States will you find a more vibrant group of people nor scenery as you will in this beautiful state. Kentucky is home to many of the nations largest businesses including UPS, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Fruit of the Loom.

According to the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association, the state produced more than 1.3 million vehicles last year and moved to the number three spot in the nation for motor vehicle production.  The automotive industry alone, including manufacturers, technology and service companies and others employ nearly 100,000 people. This is not only a great asset to the state as a whole, but it’s a good thing for individuals as they work in the auto industry or even when they may need a little assistance from a professional auto repair shop or need accessories and mechanical parts for their vehicles.

There may come a time, while enjoying the many amazing things that Kentucky offers, when you find that you need to have a motor vehicle moved from one place to another in this great state or beyond. From the beautiful waterfalls to the majestic pasturelands where the magnificent horses frolic in the fields, vehicles owners can rest assured that there are numerous ways to have a car moved from one location to another in this, the Bluegrass State of the U.S.

Here are some tips on securing safe transport and having your vehicle ready for transport when the time arrives.

  • Take time to research a few companies before you decide on the one to move your car.
  • Check quotes and compare them to make sure you’re offered competitive rates and quality service.
  • Never send money via wire (i.e. Western Union and other wire services) to a company. Legitimate companies will either take a credit/debit card or will take cash on the day the car is picked up.
  • Have the specifics on the car ready when you call for service. This means you need to know the make, model and year of the car but it is also important to know if any modifications have been done that could alter the height or weight. When an agent schedules the carrier, they need to know whether they need to schedule a specialized or larger size carrier than normal.
  • If the car is inoperable, you need to let the agent know upfront.
  • Leave no more than a quarter tank of gas in the car for transport.
  • Clean all personal items from inside the car.
  • Make sure the car is clean inside and out before the carrier picks it up.
  • Take detailed photos from all angles around the car and be sure to keep those photo files safe until delivery.

To have your vehicle transported in Kentucky, you’re going to need to hire a reliable auto transport company to assist you. With professional transport, you can have a vehicle moved locally, throughout the state, nationwide from Kentucky or even internationally from Kentucky.

Here is a list of auto transport companies that work in Kentucky and can help you get your car relocated near or far.


DMB Transport

Nationwide Vehicle, Cargo and Freight Services to and from Kentucky

4606 Shepherdsville Rd

 Louisville, KY 40218


DMB Transport

Scott’s Dispatch 4-U Service 

Offering Nationwide Auto Transport to and from Kentucky

108 W Maxwell St

Stanford, KY 40484


Scott’s Dispatch-4-U-Service

Edge Transportation & Logistics

Offering Nationwide Auto Transport for Businesses and Individual Vehicle Owners

1589 Production Dr.

Burlington, KY 41005


Edge Transportation & Logistics

Auto Towing and Wrecker Service by Sam 

Towing, Fuel delivery, Lockout Service and Jump Starts

110 Ilhardt Ave.

Nicholasville, KY 40356


Auto Towing by Sam