Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Thayre Hawkins, owner of Auto Alternative.

Want to take a moment, today, to show you how we balance tires here at Auto Alternative Service & Sales.

We have a Hunter Engineering GSP 9700 Road Force Balancer which will give you a very balance on a tire.

So, it takes, and measures the road force on a tire which will make sure you take you have a good tire to start out with; because you can actually balance a square and it’s not going to run very good down the road. It’s going to be very bouncy as you can imagine.

So, the first thing we need to do here is take, and measure, the rim on this tire so the machine will be able to take, and calculate, which it applies the road force on it.

We’ve already preset the pressure on this tire, for this shoot, but normally we’d want to check the tire pressure so that the simulator, when that arm comes down, has the same pressure that you would have as you go down the highway.

Right now it’s measuring the road force on the tire. Then it’s gong to spin it up and measure the balance on the tire.

Then we’ll apply some weights on both sides of the tires. So, now that we dynamically balance this thing; through the center. When it circles around this way and also we’re going to get the balance this way.

And here it shows that we have a good balance on the outside of the rim. We need 7.5 ounces on the outside of the rim right here. Take and apply the weight right here. Let the machine take it’s measurements again.

One thing when your balancing tires for different rims that have different lips on the outside and a lot of times we get people in here that weights on their cars don’t actually fit on there very well.

So you want to make sure that you get the proper weight on your rim.

So, this tire is good to go. All except for it’s showing 25 pounds of road force here; which is 25 pounds is a significant amount of force coming back on the tire.

Most of the time we get a new tires we’re somewhere between 10 to 15 pounds of pressure of road force. 25 pounds is going to give you a pretty rough ride and would not probably be acceptable to most people.

So, if you are ready to get some tires, or have some tires that you want to get smoothed out, bring them down to Auto Alternative Service & Sales and we’ll give you a great balance and great service.

Thank you very much for watching our video today.