Fuel for your vehicle is not cheap, and most everyone is ok with saving a buck here and there. Something can be done to save yourself some money is by taking a look at the fuel economy for your vehicle. If you want to improve your fuel efficiency, there are things that you can do.

Get an Inspection

Your trusted local mechanic can provide you with a thorough inspection that will identify all the areas your car can be improved. If you haven’t kept up with your car’s maintenance, there may be some improvements to be made that can help. Your mechanic can check simple things like your spark plugs or the seal on your gas cap.

Routine Maintenance

It’s always good to practice good habits when it comes to your car’s maintenance. Changing your oil frequently is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your fuel efficiency. When you have your oil changed, ensure that you are using the right oil for your vehicle. Your operator’s manual will tell you what weight oil you should use in your car. If you use a heavier weight, the engine will have to work harder with the added friction, and that consumes excess gasoline.
Along with oil changes, check the filters. Has your cabin air filter been cleaned or replaced recently? A clogged fuel filter will reduce efficiency too.


Overinflated or underinflated tires affect the vehicle’s efficiency too. Check your tire’s pressure routinely and utilize your car’s specific recommendation (found on the inside of the driver’s side door or in your operator’s manual) on how inflated your vehicle’s tires should be. Along the same vein, have your car’s alignment checked and fixed.

Your Vehicle’s Insides

The more weight inside your vehicle means, the harder your car has to work (and more fuel consumed) to drive around. Give your vehicle a good cleaning and remove all the excess that you’ve been driving around. You’d be surprised if you added up all the weight of some of the things people are storing in their trunk. If you don’t need it, remove it and save yourself some money on gas.

Your Driving

What you do when you drive will affect the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Are you breaking quickly or taking your time coming to a stop? When you take off from a green light, are you accelerating rapidly, or are you comfortably getting up to speed? If you are idling somewhere for a time, turn the vehicle off to conserve fuel. Drive at or under the speed limit. Not only will this improve your gas economy, but you will save money not getting a speeding ticket! Use cruise control when you are driving on the highways will keep you at a good consistent speed and avoid wasting money accelerating or driving too fast.

You have a good amount of control over your fuel economy if you just think about it and take reasonable precautions. If you’d like a reputable vehicle inspection or any routine maintenance, consider Auto Alternative Service & Sales.