Engine Check Light Toyota Camry

Of course, the Toyota Camry is known as one of the best vehicles available in the market. It’s famous because of its reliability and perfect drive. But just like any other vehicle, it can be susceptible to malfunction. So what are the things owners should look into to ensure its utmost performance? Let’s find out!  What are the most common repairs done on Toyotas?

Check Engine Light

Nobody likes to see that little light on, but you should always be checking for the check engine light. The most common cause of the light is a faulty oxygen sensor. These sensors work to discover engine exhaust oxygen level issues. Engine performance could be badly affected by humidity, temperature, and engine load. But the auto’s automatic system adjusts the engine functioning in response to the oxygen level detected in the exhaust.

Power Steering Pump and Hoses Leak

It’s necessary to regularly check the power steering fluid levels in your car. With that, leaking is one of the leading problems, and for that, repair could be a bit tricky. The difficulty gets multiplied with the fact that leaks can be from any place. Often amateur mechanics fix the issue without knowing the root cause of the leak. That could result in further damage.

Motor Mount Wear

The motor mount is an essential component in a car’s engine. It protects the car’s frame, and it absorbs the vibrations of the road and the motion of the engine. In higher mileage cars, motor mount wear becomes more common. It can show up as shaking when the vehicle is idling.

Left unattended for a long time, motor mount wear can result in a cracked engine block.

Oil Leakage from Valve Cover Gasket

The engine’s valves are covered by gaskets and covers. Those covers are used to protect the engine from oil leakage. But unfortunately, if those get damaged, then your vehicle could experience an oil leak. If it smells like burning oil, or you see leaks on the ground, it is a sign of wear. Sometimes the repair is as simple as having them tightened, but if they are cracked, they need to be replaced.

Transmission Problem

With higher mileage, the automatic transmission may succumb to the wear and tear. If you notice a lag upon acceleration, then it may be a sign that the transmission needs an update.

While Toyotas are generally very reliable vehicles, any car will experience wear and tear as it ages. Good reliable maintenance will decrease the chances and severity of these problems.  When you need, “Toyota repair near me,” give Auto Alt a call or set up an appointment.