There is nothing worse than climbing into your car on a hot summer day only to find your car’s AC is not working. You keep waiting for the air to turn cold and relieve the sticky sweat building up, but the cold never comes. If you are having trouble with the AC in your car, check out these common reasons why that might be happening.  Then roll in to Auto Alt for an air conditioning repair.

Low Refrigerant

The easiest and most common reason your AC isn’t working in your car is that the refrigerant levels are low. This is referred to as your AC needing recharged or low charge on your AC. You can add refrigerant yourself, or you can seek out a reputable mechanic to service your vehicle.

Leaking Refrigerant

If there is a refrigerant leak in your AC system, it causes low pressure. Low pressure is caused by the compressor not cycling in the right way, and the air does not cool off. There are a variety of places that a leak can occur. A professional mechanic can check out the system, fix a leak, and flush the system if necessary.

A Block in the Condenser

When you drive your vehicle, you are picking up lots of dust and dirt. These particles are caught in filters but sometimes can cause blockages in your system. If a blockage happens in your condenser, then the system won’t work properly, and the air won’t cool off. Contact your mechanic, one certified for air conditioner repairs, to help you remove the blockage and get you back to working order.

Cabin Filter Problems

Along the vein of dust and dirt affecting your system, your cabin filter is what keeps the filth out from under your hood and keeps your AC running. Along with blocking your condenser, dust and dirt can also damage your motor fans and condenser. If your motor fans are damaged from debris, the air is not passed from the condenser to your car passenger area. Similarly, if the debris damages your condenser, the air isn’t being cooled down before passing into your car’s internal. An experienced professional will be able to identify the damage and repair it.

Condenser Fan

The final common AC issue to troubleshoot is damage to the condenser fan or complete failure. If your condenser fan is failing, you may have an electrical issue to assess. Blown fuses are easily replaced, but further electrical damage should be reviewed by a professional.


If you are having issues cooling off this summer in your car, seek help from your local trusted service technician. At Auto Alternative Service & Sales, we know what to look for and can help you cool off. Don’t let your car’s AC keep you off the road. Give us a call today.