At Auto Alternative Service & Sales, our main objective is to provide you with quality services at affordable prices. We have been operational since 1992. We started as a small family shop but grew into one of the most reliable auto shops in the Harrodsburg area. We are specialists in Honda, Acura, Toyota, and Lexus. We have state-of-the-art equipment, free delivery, and pick-up and we offer free loaner cars.

We give our clients a six-month interest-free deferred payment plan and a 24,000-mile limited nationwide warranty. We try to make all our clients as comfortable as we can because we understand how stressful things can get. We provide comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and popcorn to make the waiting period less stressful. We hold all our customers in high regard so we do everything we can to meet and exceed their expectations.

Auto Repair

We do repairs for heating and air conditioning, batteries, starting and charging system, engine and transmission, cooling systems, body control, brakes, body and frame, powertrain management and emissions, electronic systems, wiper and wash systems, restraint systems, windows and glass, and more.

If your vehicle is not working as it should, we help you to repair it and restore its normal function. Our technicians are trained and professional. They find out the cause of your problem before attempting to fix it. Sometimes, we ask clients to fill out a questionnaire. We try to get as much detail as possible to be sure that we are applying the right solution. Our solutions are reliable and affordable.

Auto Maintenance

If your vehicle is exposed to severe conditions, it needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Proper maintenance of your vehicle may help you get a good resale value. Even vehicles that are not exposed to extreme conditions need maintenance. The cost of regular maintenance may be cheaper than frequent repairs. Severe conditions may include sandy, muddy, or salt-spread roads, low-speed operations, and high temperatures. (Over 90 degrees).

We perform maintenance services for tires, heating and air conditioning, engine, and transmission cooling systems, wiper and washer systems, batteries, charging systems, and drive and timing belts. We also do inspection services for engine exhaust, restraint systems, and seat belts, engine exhaust, internal and external lighting, electronic systems, and more.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Repair

Electric and hybrid vehicles have different needs, and we have the knowledge it takes to fix them. We have high-quality parts that will get your vehicle back on the road in no time. We help you save as much gas as possible depending on your hybrid or electric car.

We check the working condition of your motor to ensure that it is in the best working condition. If the motor is not working well, your hybrid or electric vehicle may not be able to save gas. We do diagnostics and repairs of batteries and brakes.

Harrodsburg KY

Harrodsburg is Kentucky’s oldest town with plenty of fun activities immersed in history. Whether you are driving to the Kentucky River Palisades to take in the beautiful scenery or you are headed to one of the ten bourbon distilleries, we will ensure your ride is safe. Take in some history at Old Fort Harrod State Park or view some of the historic buildings at Shaker Village. Harrodsburg is a lovely town and we are proud to provide our services the residents of the area.

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