Auto Alternative Service and Sales was started as a family–owned and operated auto repair shop in 1992. Auto Alternative began operations over 25 years ago as a Honda and Acura only shop, before opening its doors to Toyota and Lexus. Today, we offer great service for a wide range of Asian Imports. Regardless of the type of repair or service maintenance that your vehicle needs, you can rest assured that our experienced technicians will deliver. Since we are a small repair shop compared to other big franchised repair shops, we always dedicate ourselves to offering our esteemed customers customized services for their various vehicles. In addition, we have recently added the resale of reliable vehicles that are in good condition.

As your vehicle encounters the normal harsh environments of operation, its parts can deteriorate or fail. At Auto Alternative, we ensure that you get the best quality of repairs to get your vehicle back on the road in a safe and reliable condition. Your service adviser will ask you a few questions or guide you in filling a questionnaire before we embark on the repair process. That helps us to gather as much information as possible for assessment so as to ensure that your vehicle gets the best services that it needs.

Services provided

Auto Alternative offers a full spectrum of services for different types of electric and hybrid car repairs. Although we have expanded from one service bay to seven, we are still small enough to narrow down our services to an individual customer’s specific needs. Some of the items Auto Alternative repairs, replaces or maintains include:

  • Body Control
  • Electronic systems and Electrical lighting
  • Suspension, Struts and Shocks
  • Engine Internal Mechanical
  • Transmission
  • Washer systems and Wiper
  • Warning Indicators, Instrument Panel and Gauges
  • Windows
  • Glass
  • Brakes and Mechanical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Batteries and Charging System
  • Drive Trains, Differentials and Axles
  • Cooling Systems
  • Body and Frame

Your Car Is Different

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique. Thus we ensure we use a different set of tools, repairs, premium parts and industry knowledge to fix any issue that an electric or hybrid car may be having. Electric or hybrid cars are designed to save gas. But, if the torque of your car is not checked or the car is in a poor working condition, you might not save the gas at all. We endeavor to do all the necessary diagnostic testing, repairs and maintenance in order to make sure that your car can save gas optimally.

The battery of your car is the most valuable part as it keeps the electric or hybrid car going. Hence, it is very important to pick an experienced mechanic to handle that costly part of your car. Our technicians are not only certified, but very knowledgeable professionals in handling the electric and hybrid car’s sophisticated system.

Customer service

Electric vehicles and hybrids are unique in design and have a regenerative special braking system that charges the battery by reversing the motor. And, although this special braking system has a long life, you need to monitor the system to ensure that longevity. Our skilled and experienced technicians can repair hybrid and electric car’s brake pads in a few hours and get the car back on road without wasting several days. So, if your vehicle needs to be serviced, contact us here at Auto Alternative Service & Sales in Versailles, KY for fast and reliable repair services.

The City of Versailles in Woodford County, Kentucky is located near Louisville, Frankfort and Lexington. The City is surrounded by some of the most serene and beautiful horse farms in the entire Bluegrass region. In fact, these farmlands are home to some of the popular Kentucky thoroughbreds.

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