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When your vehicle stops behaving in an acceptable or predictable manner, it is in need of repairs. As your mode of transportation encounters the harsh environment of operation, parts deteriorate or fatigue and fail.

When it comes to repairs at Auto Alternative, we have a process to get your vehicle back to a safe reliable mode of transportation. First- what is the behavior, second- what is reason for the behavior, third- together we come up with a cost effective remedy.

Our technicians need to understand the behavior so your service adviser will ask you questions about what is going on. Such as: when (all the time, just when moving, at stops, cold days, hot days, does rain or humidity make a difference), where (going uphill or down, just on certain types of roads, hitting bumps, trying to park), and can you make it do the misbehavior and how can we duplicate the concern. Sometimes we may ask you to fill out a questionnaire for some kind of complaint and / or test drive with a technician.

We gather as much information to make a timely and correct assessment to cause and correction of your vehicles behavior. No matter how bazaar or strange it may sound, any information could be of help.

Some of the best and most interesting information received from clients that lead us to the correction for a concern:

  • When driving at highway speeds my car smells like burnt popcorn
  • Going around left turns my car stalls, not right turn only left
  • Will not start on sunny days after driving if, I open windows and doors, car will start

Another reason we ask questions is people call in and ask about price saying they need this or that. After a few questions, we may find out that what they are asking for more than likely is not causing their concern.

We have had people asking for a price on a starter because their car will not start. We ask a few questions and find out that when it does not start, the engine will go ru-ru-ru but will not start and the battery was replaced two days ago, because Troy said that was the problem, and now Rick who worked at a gas station in high school says it must be the starter.

Before the caller contacted us, they asked Perry down at the “Discount Super Auto Center” for a price on a starter and got a price for starter they do not need. If the engine is going ru-ru-ru , it is turning over and has another problem and does not need a starter. It probably did not need a battery either.

So we ask questions, have you bring the vehicle in, try to duplicate the problem, give you an estimate to check and test items with results, give you an explanation as to why and how the item failed. Then before proceeding, we give you an estimate to replace or repair what is needed.

So, the bottom line is before you call Troy, Rick and Perry, call Auto Alternative Sales & Service to arrange for us to see your vehicle and get you back on the road with what is needed to correct your complaint.

Items we repair, replace, or maintain are:

  • Engine Internal Mechanical
  • Body Control
  • Brakes, Mechanical
  • Suspension, Shocks and Struts
  • Brakes, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
  • Transmission
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Batteries, Starting and Charging System
  • Engine and Transmission Cooling Systems
  • Creature Feature on Modern Vehicles and Cruise Control
  • Drive Trains, Axles, Differentials, and Transfer Case
  • Electrical, Lighting, and Electronic Systems
  • Accessories and Optional Equipment
  • Body and Frame
  • Engine Exhaust
  • Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators
  • Powertrain Management and Emissions
  • Restraint Systems and Seat Belts
  • Windows and Glass
  • Wiper and Washer Systems