Automobiles, especially cars, have been an essential part of our life now, and any problem with your precious vehicle can result in unwelcomed annoyance and delays. Pay attention to the parts inside your car so that it is always in good working condition, including your car’s battery. There are seven telltale signs when the battery is dying, and we have enlisted all to equip you with prior knowledge.

A Slow Startup

The internal components of the car battery get deteriorated with time. So over time, your battery will become less efficient and take few more seconds to start. It is an evident sign of your battery’s short left life as the wear-out components take longer than usual to create a charge.

Shortage of Power

The car battery is the primary source of power in your car. When the battery starts deteriorating, it will not provide a complete charge to the electronic equipment in the vehicle. So, with a dying car battery, you’re most likely to experience dim lights, power issues in the radio, etc. the battery life decreased significantly if you habitually charge your phone in the car.

Engine Light

If your car battery is running out of juice, then the most accurate indicator is the check engine light sign. If your car is flashing the check car engine warning, then it is pertinent to take it to a professional mechanic to get its engine check.

The Odor

If the battery gets damaged for any reason, it will cause gas leakage and a lousy odor. So, if you are smelling rotten eggs while opening the hood, then take your car straight to the mechanic to get your battery replaced. A leaking battery can cause severe damage to your safety and thus need utmost attention.

Corroded Connectors

If you are experiencing startup and voltage issues in your vehicle, check for the corrosion in the metal connectors of the battery. The positive and negative metal terminal often gets corroded, resulting in the accumulation of ashy white substance on the surface.

If you witness any such substance on the battery terminals, take your battery to a mechanic for cleaning purposes. A corroded terminal disrupts the power supply from the battery to the car, thus erupting power issues.

Swollen Battery Case

Climate impacts the health and overall lifespan of your car battery. If you live in extreme weather conditions like cold or hot, then the chances of your car battery getting damage due to swelling increases many folds. If your battery seems swollen or cracked, then it’s time to get a replacement.

Old Battery

Under ideal conditions, a standard battery can serve between 3 to 5 years. But the performance and the lifespan of a car battery gets affected by various factors, including usage, climate, and maintenance routine. It is prudent to get your battery checked in routine to enhance its lifespan. So, when was the last time you get your car battery replaced?