If you are a car owner, you would agree that having a functional Conditioning system in your car is mandatory. Think of a situation where you have to sit in your car under the scorching sun with a non-functioning air conditioning system; well, you will be uncomfortable to put it politely. So, it is prudent to avoid such a situation by maintaining your car’s air conditioning system in prime condition.

Signs That You Have a Faulty Air Conditioning System

One of the most evident signs of a broken air conditioning system in the car is having the fan going full, but the air coming out isn’t cool. In a regular functioning air conditioning system, the temperature should fall at least 40 degrees. Additionally, if the amount of air coming from the vents is very little or none, there is probably something wrong.

Even if you manage to have cold air coming out of the vents, but you notice strange sounds like clattering and squealing, it indicates a problem. The disturbing noises could indicate an issue with the compressor.

Reasons behind the faulty conditioning system

The primary reason behind any air conditioning failure is leakage. The air conditioning system in cars comes with a sealed amount of refrigerant from the factory, and if they lose the refrigerant, the vehicle may fail to cool. The leakage issues are primarily associated with the age factor. Even if you maintain a commendable repair and maintenance routine, the refrigerant in cars is affected by the environment, weather, and general wear and tear.

You might have witnessed that older cars are most likely to face compressor issues. This is because the more you drive your vehicle, the larges will be the wear and tear to the compressor. Another factor held accountable for the degradation of AC systems in cars is road salt. The road salt can cause corrosion and thus leads to a faulty AC system.


It is advisable to contact a repair service in the event of an AC system failure. But if you are detecting some fault with the conditioning system, then in most cases, we advise you to keep driving the car and find the best repair service provider.

So, you have to pay attention to your air conditioning system and spot the problem to get a timely fix. Fixing the situation in the earlier stage would save you tons of money later.

So, what inspection methods do you use to check the health of your AC system? How often you opt for a repair and maintenance service for your car?